Chapora Beach Goa Travel

Chapora beach of Goa is a small fishing village located at a distance of 10 kilometers from Mapusa in north of Goa. It has managed to ward off commercialization and too many tourists by being essentially a fishing village. The Chapora beach has retained its natural charm and maintains itself on a meager budget and constant efforts of the local villagers. It is nestled under a thick canopy of coconut trees and though the beach is not as vast as other commercialized beaches, tourists come here since it is less crowded and serene.

An added attraction at the Chapora beach is the magnificent Chapora fort that was built many years ago during the Portugal rule. The fort is now in ruins and provides a mystical and dramatic look to the Chapora beach. You can easily go and explore this fort and feel the old world charm that still lingers here.

The fort provides a breath taking view of the beach and sure to leave you mesmerized once you go there. One can easily climb the old walls of the fort but be careful as they are really old and you may slip if you are not alert.

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