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Known for its beaches, nightlife, seafood and laid back lifestyle, Goa is a land of surprises. Goan diversity is completely dependent on the western ghats called the Sahyadris, extended for a total of 600 km in Goa of their total length of 3702 km. These ghats make it a perfect place for several species of birds and animals and also provide a corridor for migration.

Diverse Wild Species
Goa wildlife comprises of over 1512 documented species of plants, over 275 species of birds, over 50 genera of animals and over 60 types of reptiles. While enjoying safaris in the dense greens of Goa, one can easily spot a number of leopard, monkeys, deer, leopard cat, Indian civet, the gaur or Indian bison, the sloth bear, the Indian porcupine, the pangolin, the slender loris, the wild boar and the mongoose. Various bats, flying foxes, long-beaked dolphins are a few other attractions.

Goa is rich in avifauna as well. There are several colourful species of birds like kingfisher, blue and yellow bee-eaters, golden oriole, Indian roller, purple sunbird, bulbul, babbler and drongo. Apart from that, the snowy white cattle egret, whitebellied fish eagle, brahminy kite and the pariah kite are most common in the paddy fields and the villages.

The coastal areas offer wonderful opportunities for spotting reptiles & amphibians including a variety of frogs, lizards, crocodiles and turtles along with 23 species of snakes. These beautifully preserved jungles (wildlife protected areas) here comprise of about 20 percent of the total land of Goa.

Popular Wildlife Sanctuaries

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary (located in the Goan town of Mollem)
Spread over an area of 240 square kilometers, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is the largest reserve in Goa. The sanctuary is a home for various beautiful wildlife species. However, this respective sanctuary is most famous for certain specific animals including Indian Bison, Leopards, Deer and Elephants.

Further with Minivets, Drongos, Cuckoos and other rare species, the sanctuary is a paradise for bird lovers. The prime location of the sanctuary lets you enjoy a few nearby places also, including the renowned Mahadev Temple of Tambdi Surla (mere 13 kilometers away).

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary (famous for its mini zoo, sprawling deer park, and botanical & rose gardens)
Being stretched across an area of 8 square kilometers, the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary serves as a mini zoo. This sanctuary is the most adored place for school outings.

On the other hand, the Deer Safari Park serves as the home for Sambar and Spotted Deer. Further, the formal and botanic gardens are embellished with vividly colored plants and trees. Finally the Nature Education Centre organizes various exhibitions for the infotainment of the visitors. With all this and much more, visit to this sanctuary will render you one of the best Goa wildlife tours.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary (popular for multi-storeyed forests, tall trees and rare plants)
Covered with dense moist deciduous forest, the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit place of Goa. It is the picturesque beauty of this respective sanctuary that makes it rank high in the list of tourist places. Further, the sanctuary serves as a habitat for incredible wildlife species. The Cotigao embraces a prefect ambience of peace and thus, is an ecstasy for nature lovers.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary (Goa's only bird sanctuary, 1.8 sq km in area)
Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary: this location is north district on Charao Island and covered only 1.78 kilo meters square areas. Main attractions are different kinds of beautiful birds as black drongo and mudskipper.

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