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Tourist Attractions & Sightseeing Places, Anjuna Beach

Anjuna beach is bedecked with numerous tourist attractions which captivate the imagination of holidaymakers with the very first glimpse. Some such famous attractions of Anjuna are as follows:

Wednesday Flea Market
Anjuna Beach, famed as the 'freak capital of world' breaks into riot of colors on every Wednesday. Starts around every 11 a.m and lasts till the sunset, the flea market on Anjuna Beach is the paradise for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers. Anything and everything under the sky can be found here. Wonderful stuffs like Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati trinkets and handicrafts, European snacks, cassettes of Goan Trance music, artificial ornaments carvings, colorful T-shirts, used paperbacks are for sale in this market. To add up more to its glory, a ride on the bumpy back of elephant is also available in this bustling market.

Mascarenhas Mansion
The ancient Mascarenhas Mansion is another charm on Anjuna Beach. This monument has some of the classic balconies and the finest stained glass floral etchings. The porch of the edifice has a L-shaped seat, which is made up of expensive wood.

Chapora Fort
Situated at the vicinity of Anjuna Beach, Chapora Fort gives a picturesque view of the entire beach. Chapora Fort was built by Muslim rulers of Goa before it was invaded by Portugeese. This ancient fort is well preserved except for a few ruins.

Albuquerque Mansion
This colonial mansion which still displays the opulent lifestyle of its former owners was another tourist attraction at Anjuna. Built in the year 1920, Albuquerque Mansion is bedecked with octagonal tower and attractive Mangalore tile - roof.

The Acid House Party
Amongst all of its attractions, the thing which beckons and hook thousands of tourist to Anjuna Beach are the full moon trance parties. Also known as Acid House Parties, these parties are the best place for fun, frolic and merriment. Lasts till the wee hours of dawn under the moonlit sky, the Acid House parties on Anjuna is popular among both localites and foreign tourists. Beside the merriment of the party, you can also enjoy your drink sitting along the campfires which burns bright entire night.

Paradiso Club
Last but not the least, Paradiso club is another prime charm of Goa's Anjuna beach. It is counted among of the famous discotheques of the state which woos both tourists and locals to dancing and drinking in its bars and dance floors.


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